Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Will is 13 months!

**Before I had Will I didn't understand why people referred to their child's age in months after about the first year. Now that I have a child, I realize that there is such a HUGE difference month to month and I want to document it to look back later, so bear with me on these monthly posts...they will probably continue for awhile:)

Will is 13 months today!!

My sweet little boy,
  • We have taught you to wave goodbye, and you do it all the time! You will even say "bye!" sometimes! It is neat to be at a stage where we can teach you to do things!
  • You are completely on whole milk now! You made the switch like a pro and never skipped a beat. You also made the transition this month off bottles and you only use sippy cups (yay for mommy - these are SO much easier to clean!)
  • There is not too much you won't eat, but fruits are most definitely your favorites.
  • Your favorite game continues to be peek-a-boo. You get a huge grin on your face when anyone plays with you!
  • You get extremely bored sitting in a highchair in a restaurant (you've had 2 separate incidences in the last 2 days that have caused everyone around us to turn around and stare - thankfully they weren't fancy places). The best way to keep you entertained is to give you saltine crackers - you hold on to them for dear life and it takes you forever to eat them.
  • We haven't yet been for your 1 year check-up so I don't know how much you weigh, but you wear 12 month or 12-18 month clothes so you seem to be right on track
  • You are still a great sleeper (7:30pm - 8am-ish) and still take a good morning and afternoon nap
  • You can crawl both up and down stairs pretty fast now
  • I love seeing more and more of your personality come out - I love you little fella!


Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

Missing that sweet face!!
Mom (MeMe)

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