Friday, August 27, 2010

Our week

We've been busy unpacking this week, and settling into our 'new' home. We'd only been here about 2 weeks when we left for St. Simons this summer, so we had a lot waiting on us to do when we got back! Will has been having a blast though - all of the boxes give him things to play on...

And he loves Matt's tools - he's definitely been daddy's little helper this week...

Helping dad hang blinds

But he's also had a LOT of fun playing outside. The weather has been amazing this week - in fact since we've been here we've left our windows open and haven't turned on the air conditioner at all. And we've eaten every meal in our backyard, which I LOVE!

Homemade peach ice-cream break in the backyard!


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

that peach ice cream looks yummy!! did you eat all of your meals outside on your newly re-acquired patio furniture?? :)

mr. will looks like he is readjusting to life up north just fine. hope all of you are getting settled! please text me your address when you get a minute today!

thanks! aunt lulu

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