Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun and not so fun...

On Friday we went swimming with Craig and Ashley and their son Benjamin! Benjamin was born 2 weeks before Will and it is so cute to watch them together because they're in the same stage and doing the same things. I can't believe they are both about to have their first birthday!

Out of about 8 pictures I took, Will isn't looking in any of them!

A tired little boy!

Today we had our first minor emergency with Will. He pulled a curling iron down and burned his arm pretty bad with 2nd degree burns. We took him to an immediate care center here on the island, and they bandaged it up for him. We'll have to go back every day for the next few days and let them change the dressing and keep an eye on the burn. I thought he would be tugging at it trying to get it off, so afterwards we went to get him some long-sleeved pajamas and shirts, but he hasn't seemed to mind it. In fact, it hasn't affected his playing at all...

He tried to crawl in with Max!

My little trooper!

I am so thankful that it didn't land on his head or face. I am also thankful that he doesn't seem to be in any pain. He's been in a great mood since we got home, so I haven't had to give him Tylenol or anything. The nurse said an adult would be in serious pain with the burn that he had, but she said kids are very resilient and can handle it better. I am very thankful!


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I am glad Will is ok. When we were all in Daytona for Christine & Mikes wedding Cassidy did a similar thing. She grabbed Mimi's curling iron with her had around it. She handled it great too. I hope it heals soon.

I love your blog! I have loved watching Will grow through this. I still can't wait to meet this sweet little boy!

Miller said...[Reply to comment]

Hi Candice...I didn't realize you still haven't met him! I hope we can see ya'll while we're in GA! I hope your two girls are having a fun summer:)

Candice said...[Reply to comment]

I would love to see ya'll! The girls are enjoying the summer. Cassidy is taking swimmimg lessons and swam across the deep end of the pool this morning. I was very proud of her! You'll have to let me know how long ya'll are here and I'll try and work something out.
I hope ya'll have a wonderful 4th of July!

mecallpearson said...[Reply to comment]

Hey Miller, I'm SO sorry about Will's burn!! I know that much have been so scary for y'all!! My nephew had a similar experience with an iron my sister in law used when sewing. I'm glad he's ok and not in much pain!

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