Saturday, March 6, 2010

Growing up fast...

With Will now able to sit up by himself, some things have gotten easier. Like going to Target. I would lift the (heavy) car-seat out of the car with Will inside and snap it into the stroller base. Then I would stroll him around the store and if I found something I wanted to buy, I'd either a) hold it in one hand and push the stroller with the other, or b) put it underneath the stroller, hoping it didn't look like I was trying to steal. Not the easiest. (I know you can balance the car seat on top of the cart, but I'm so short that I couldn't see around in front of us when I did that, and it was a little scary!). So yesterday, I decided to try and have Will sit in front of the cart.

Ta da! It was SO much easier! And I think he really liked being able to look around.

Then last night we went to one of our favorite restaurants - Dave's Italian Kitchen. After telling Matt of Will's successful buggy ride earlier that day, we decided to try out a high chair. He could barely see over the top of the table and looked a little funny, but I think he enjoyed it and had a good time!

(Excuse the terrible phone pics!)

Today the weather was really nice so we took advantage of it and went for a walk. It was sunny and got up to the 40's - you can tell in the picture that the snow started melting!

We took the "big kid" stroller - I think he appreciated not having to look at the sky and tree-tops like he would in his car-seat stroller. We even put on his New Balance kicks (he usually just wears socks) and sunglasses! What a big kid! He is just growing up too fast!


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Now those are some serious shades! Be sure to bring them to the beach next week! Can't wait!!!
Grandmother Fran

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I love his alligator hoodie! He looks so cute sitting up in the buggy! I'm really looking forward to seeing him again in a few weeks. He's getting so big!
Will's favorite cousin (hehe),

mecallpearson said...[Reply to comment]

He looks so cute sitting in the buggy and high chair!! Lucy absolutely loved riding in the buggy for the first time and she still loves it! I'm glad it's getting a little easier for you - that's a welcome progression I'm sure - even though it means he's growing up. =)

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