Saturday, September 12, 2009

A rundown of our week

This week we had Matt's mom and his sister Jessica come to visit! They got here on Tuesday and we went to Tapas Barcelona to celebrate Mrs. Dart's birthday (her birthday is next week and Jessica had given her this trip as a gift). I love Tapas Barcelona, especially this baked goat cheese dish I always get (in fact, the goat cheese is really all I want when I go there so I don't like to share!). Of course, we all ate too much and then shared three desserts amongst the four of us...we left stuffed!

Wednesday night Jessica and Cathy offered to watch the little guy for us so Matt and I could go on a date. They did a great job giving him his bath and getting him to sleep. Matt and I went to see Extract, which I thought was pretty funny but not the greatest movie ever (apparently it's directed by the same guy that did Office Space). Worth a rental but probably not the $25 it costs to go to the movies nowadays. Going to movies is one thing we can't really do anymore with a baby, so it is fun to do when our family offers to babysit:)

Thursday Matt made brunch at our house - blueberry crepes/cheese blintz, potato hash, bacon, and fruit. It was SO good!! Seriously good. I don't know how Matt comes up with his ideas - I think he was deciding how to make everything as it was coming together in the kitchen.

Thursday was Will's first Georgia Tech game day - we got him all dressed up in his game gear to watch it, including the jersey with his name on the back that his Aunt Jessica gave him. We completed our week of good eating with Jessica's delicious buffalo dip and deep dish pizza during the game. Jessica and Cathy went downtown yesterday afternoon to explore the city a little bit before flying home this morning. We had such a good time with them this week!

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Mary Beth said...[Reply to comment]

Matt - can i send in a menu request for our visit?! yummm!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Dear MillorMatt, hahaha The baby is beautiful and it is good to see everyone, including my sister Cathy and Bill/Sheila, Beau. It's sometimes hard to realize you all have grown up into fine young adults. I wish you all well. Life is fleeting.
Love, Uncle Geoff & Aunt Lilly

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

OOOOOPS! Good to see you too Jessica!!!!

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