Thursday, September 10, 2009

Area Infant Disgusted, Elated by Jackets

"I'm just tired of this BS", 7-week old Will Dart said as he watched his beloved Jackets squander their 17 point halftime lead over Clemson. "This is just freakin' ridiculous. I admit that I was as hot on this Johnson guy as anyone, but sometimes I wonder if he can get our players up for the big game."

Although technically not yet living during seasons past, Dart has enough white and gold blood flowing through his veins to recognize the bittersweet rhythms of Tech football - the team is always good enough to surprise you and beat someone they shouldn't, yet inconsistent enough to drop at least a couple of games a season to teams that they have no business losing to.

"I know better than to let myself get emotionally involved like this", Dart said in a moment of clarity and maturity that was well beyond his 54 days of life, "but then Dwyer or Nesbitt breaks off a 35 yard run and my heart leaps to my throat and I just know that life is good again. Of course, the other shoe usually drops and I'm left devastated again, the groom left at the alter of bad pass defense and dumb penalties."

Of course, that wasn't the case today. The Jackets pulled it out and all was well in the Dart household tonight.

As Dart readied himself for his last diaper change of the evening, he was reflective. "I'm feeling pretty good about the Jackets tonight. We showed a lot of guts out there towards the end, and you know what? This may just be the year of the Jackets."

- Matt Dart reporting


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I feel your pain. I wanted to load my diaper too after watching that second half collapse last night. But take heart young man. Someday I'll tell you some real ghost stories around a campfire, names like Bud Carson, Bill Lewis, Bill Curry, and Chan Gailey. I don't think this Johnson guy is into changing diapers. He'll find players that wear big boy underpants. QB's that complete more passes to our team than the other, corners that cover, and kickers that can kick into the end zone. So wear those Tech sneakers with pride. The sun is rising on the flats, son, and someday you can say your were there at the dawn. God Bless and I love you,
Granddad Jack

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Will-We Igel's agree with you. While we were elated the first quarter, we found ourselves feeling that old sinking feeling for the next two quarters. The final quarter with the stadium roaring and fans all on their feet (for the whole game, says the pregnant woman)Your cousin Wolfie really starting to put in his two cents worth. He kicked and cheered for the entire last 30 minutes of the game. And in the end, in true Tech fashion, they eeked it out.
Have heart young Will--Paul Johnson says the defense can be summed up in one word "the Wolf." We here in the Igel house are inclined to believe that is a good sign for the year.....
xoxo Casey, Erc and Wolfie

Mary Beth said...[Reply to comment]

great reporting matt! now you know you set me up perfectly with a pic of Will crying in a Tech jersey - but i'll refrain from the obvious since my team has caused me some tears and "diaper loading" as well! but there's no guarantees what colors he might be wearing when I get a chance to babysit!

Mecall said...[Reply to comment]

Hilarious! I knew this had to be Matt when I started reading it. I agree with Mary Beth...was going to say the same thing about him crying in the Tech jersey!! Lucy says she thinks he looks pretty cute in it though. =)

Studio Refuge Photography Blog said...[Reply to comment]

Will is so smart, expressing appropriate emotions earlier that most babies. Clearly, he's destined for Ga Tech.
I do recall some UGA tears the first half of their game this weekend.

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