Saturday, August 8, 2009

I have the best mom in the whole world!

Seriously, I do. Matt started back to work this week, so my mom came back up to help me out. I don't know what I would have done without her! She got up at 6am each morning to feed William and she kept him in the living room so I could sleep until his 9am feeding. She would then cook breakfast and lunch (and dinner!) for me, go to the grocery store, clean our apartment, wash clothes, take the dogs on walks, help with changing diapers and bath time, and she would watch William again in the afternoon so I could take a nap. And then on Friday night she offered to watch William so Matt and I could have a night out by ourselves! It was awesome! Also, it kind of got to be a joke that every time William started crying, she would hold him and he would immediately stop crying and fall asleep in her arms! He loves his grandma! One day I walked out of my bedroom and mom had William in one arm and she was washing dishes with her other arm! Mom left this morning, and once again it was very sad to have her leave.

I haven't posted in a whole week, so I'll give you a synopsis of the past week:

Sunday - our friends Dave and Courtney (Dave went to Kellogg with Matt, and I worked with Courtney at the church) came over to hang out and eat pizza with us and see William. They are our closest friends up here and we love hanging out with them! Mom also came in town Sunday night.

Monday - William had to go back to the pediatrician to see if he'd gained any weight yet. He'd gained one ounce since Friday! Dr. Fox said he needs to be gaining an ounce a day. At least he's gaining though! We have another appointment on Monday.

Tuesday - I was still in a LOT of pain, even though it had been 2 1/2 weeks since giving birth, so I went in to see my doctor. I'm glad I did - I had an infection from the stitches. I've been taking antibiotics and I'm feeling MUCH better!

Wednesday - Not a terribly exciting day...I think the highlight was putting William in his carrier and walking to Whole Foods to look around and buy dinner!

Thursday - Mom took our dogs in to be bathed and groomed!! Matt and I had seriously been neglecting them, so this was AWESOME of her to do for us!

Friday - Mom and I were really hoping to get William out of the house since I was feeling better, but it rained all day:( She watched William while Matt and I went to dinner at Pete Miller's, and then we went to a movie. We went to see Julie and Julia, which was awesome! We both really enjoyed it.

And right now, William is asleep in his bouncy seat, Coco and Ellie are asleep on the floor, and Matt is asleep on the sofa! It's a pretty relaxing Saturday at the Dart household!

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Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

What adorable pictures :-) Sounds like your mom is a gem!

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