Sunday, March 4, 2012

Will's first movie - The Lorax!

We took Will to the movies for the first time this weekend to see The Lorax! It was a great first movie to take him to - he loves all of the Dr. Seuss books (Matt's mom has given him most of them!).

I thought the movie was great! It was definitely entertaining and had a good message.

I was a little concerned beforehand about why it was rated PG (Will doesn't like scary stuff at all) but from everything I read online, it was a mystery as to why it wasn't rated G. After seeing it, I agree - there wasn't any scary parts (at least for him) or any bad language. One caution though - since it is rated PG, it affects the previews shown beforehand. They were all cartoons, but there was more than one that was really scary for Will. We told him to put his hands over his eyes though, and he did fine.

Will did so good during the movie - he sat still the whole time and even kept on his 3D glasses! He talked about it the whole way home - how he went to see the Lorax and had popcorn and wore glasses and how it was so much fun!

Will also shared his first movie with our infamous ex-governer - Blagojevich. One of the last times to see him in public - he reports to prison next week.

I'm so glad Will had fun and enjoyed the movie - I can't wait to take him to another one!


Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

Oh how cute is that! Sitting there eating popcorn with his glasses on!
Such a big boy! Love him!!!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

oh yay!! what a fun dart family outing! will looks so grown up in his seat and wearing his glasses! i love it! xxoo lulu

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

cute pictures!
Debbie Gilbert

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