Wednesday, November 30, 2011

18 weeks

How far along: 18 weeks

Size of the baby: A sweet potato - 5.6 inches long
How I am feeling: I attempted to walk on the treadmill this week. Saturday afternoon, I got on with my phone, headphones, and kindle in one hand and pushed start. Immediately, it took off going the maximum speed and I found myself sprinting for my life! I pushed every button, including the on/off switch, and nothing happened. Thankfully Matt was in our basement and ran over and pulled the cord out of the wall. I was running faster than I ever have in my life, at 18 weeks pregnant! I was terrified! I am SO glad Matt was there...otherwise I probably would have had a pretty nasty fall, which could have been serious for the baby.

I don't know what was wrong with the treadmill...Matt tried it out several times after I got off and he couldn't figure it out either. There is an emergency cord that I could have pulled, but it was wrapped around the base of the treadmill (dumb!) and hard to pull while running at such a fast pace. Our basement has concrete floors and a concrete wall behind the treadmill (with a workout bench right behind it), which means a fall wouldn't have been pretty!

Although terrifying at the time, Matt and I laughed about it pretty hard afterwards!

Highlights this week: I am pretty sure I have felt some kicks, but it is still kind of hard to tell at this point. The kicks are so light that when I feel something I stop and try to be still and wait for another one - which usually doesn't happen!


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