Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Will's birthday!

We gave Will his birthday gift Sunday afternoon - a balance bike! I'd seen them awhile ago and had been thinking of getting him one when he turned 2. It is basically a bike without pedals - you use your feet to scoot along. Apparently, learning to balance is the hardest part about learning to ride a bike, and it is easier for kids to learn by balancing first rather than pedaling first. I think he liked it, but even with the seat at the lowest setting, he was still a little bit short for it. He'll grow into it soon though!

Matt made popsicles with fruit we had on hand, so after Will checked out his bike he had one outside with daddy!

We are currently having a heat wave so we got back out the pool Sunday afternoon. So far Will won't get in it - I don't know why! He loves his bath! He likes water though so we turned on the sprinkler. Matt was in the pool and would splash him if he got near the pool and Will loved it! He would run up to the pool and get splashed and run away squealing!

Monday morning I made him blueberry pancakes for breakfast! He's only had pancakes maybe once so it was a treat!

He liked them and kept saying "more cake! more cake!"

And yes, that is syrup in his hair:)

Matt came home a little early and we went out to dinner in Wilmette. By then it wasn't quite as hot anymore and we sat outside and it was really nice!

After dinner we took him to Homer's for ice cream. It's a well-known spot for awesome ice cream around here - in fact Bon Appetite wrote them up as having the top 10 ice cream in the country. We ordered a banana split with 3 spoons - Will LOVED it!

I think he had a pretty fun birthday!


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

it looks like he had an awesome awesome birthday!! Do you use Bisquick's gluten free batter for the pancakes? i love it!

Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

Maybe he can take MeMe to get a banana split when I come! Yummm!
Is that chocolate in his hair? Ha! He does enjoy his food!

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