Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July!

Matt and I did the Sunshine Festival 5K on the morning of the 4th. We ran it in memory of Mr. Dart, along with Matt's siblings and other friends and family. The run goes right by Mr. Dart's house, and last year Mr. Dart sat on his porch and watched the race and remarked that he wished he could get up and join the runners. So, this year we ran it for him! Team Dart won first place for having the biggest team! We decided to do this last minute, and Matt and I have never been runners, so we walked it. We had fun though and decided that next year we would be prepared so we could run it!

My sister was so fast that she finished the run and went back to the car and got the camera and took pictures of us as we walked by!

Team Dart, dressed in Georgia Tech yellow and black
After the race, we took Will over to Sea Island to watch the 4th of July parade!

Mike and Baby Jack

Uncle Beau and Aunt Kate got Will and Otto cute matching 4th of July t-shirts! 

Will and Otto, taken with Matt's phone
We sat outside and had shrimp and corn for dinner. Unfortunately the fireworks were after Will's bedtime, but maybe he can go see them next year! It was a great fourth of July!


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