Friday, November 2, 2012


I asked Will repeatedly the month before Halloween what he wanted to dress up as this year. Every time, without hesitation, he said Mickey! I couldn't find any Mickey costumes I liked online (and wasn't into making one this year!), but I found one that isn't sold at the Disney store anymore on ebay that was brand new with the tags still on! Yay!! Easiest.Costume.Ever. And Liza was a pumpkin:)

The weekend before Halloween we went to a fall festival at Will's school...

He was in a parade, and it wasn't until it was over that we noticed he'd been walking with both legs through one leg hole the entire time, like a skirt...

Nice huh? Halloween afternoon Matt and Will carved our pumpkins!

We trick-or-treated with all our neighbors. We have SO many kids on our block, including 3 that go to Will's preschool, so we walked around with them.

Don't you love the guy who went as a BMW?
Along for the ride!

Will and his best bud, TJ


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