Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update, Mother's Day, and first week home!

Thank you SO much to everyone who has been praying for me. I went to the doctor Monday and he said the wound is healing nicely and I don't have to have it packed anymore!!! Hallelujah!! I don't believe this is a coincidence - I believe it is an answer to prayer - so THANK YOU! Matt still has to clean it and change the dressing, which isn't fun but is doable. Please continue to pray that this wound would not get infected and would heal completely by my appointment next week.

Here are pictures from our first week at home. Grandmama was keeping Will while we were in the hospital and helped him make this sign Sunday afternoon before we got home!

Will was pretty excited to have his sister home! I wondered how he'd react to her, but he has been nothing but sweet so far. Several times a day he says he loves baby Liza. He loves to help out with her in any way that we let him, and when she cries he says "It's ok baby Liza! Don't cry!" He loves to refer to himself as a big brother and seems really proud to have that title.

Sunday night after we got home our friends Courtney and Dave and their son Noah brought dinner over and visited with us for a little while. I'm so glad we got to see them a little more and Will got to play with Noah!

Our family of 4!

Matt's mom was here until Wednesday and was a huge help with Will. She also made delicious dinners and desserts (strawberry rhubarb pie - yum!) The night before she left we made sundaes after dinner. Will had never done this before and we let him put whatever he wanted on his. He had a ball - it was a special treat for him!

Saturday afternoon Will had a Spring Fling at his school. His class was going to sing a few songs in front of everyone and he was pretty excited about it. He went up there, but didn't sing (even though I'd been hearing him sing all the songs all week!). Still, he was very proud of himself for going up there (his mama and daddy were too!).

Saturday night we ate dinner outside. I was taking a picture of Liza and Will ran inside to get his camera to take pictures of her too!

I had a great Mother's Day, despite the fact that it started out with a 9am packing change! Will gave me flowers and a card he made and Matt made a delicious breakfast of waffles with a rhubarb compote and whip cream! Matt also got me a Vitamix blender for Mother's Day! I was so excited! I've wanted one for a long time, and since I got it I've been making smoothies twice a day!

Our church does baby dedications once a year on Mother's Day. I wasn't really feeling up to going to church just yet, but I really wanted to have Liza dedicated, so we went. Her dedication was going to be at the later, 11am service. Who would have thought it took about 3 times as long to get out the door with 2 kids as it did with 1?? We knew the dedication was the first thing in the service, and we were huffing and puffing it to make it there on time, but we made it! Liza did great and didn't even cry during it. Will went up there too. He held my hand during Liza's dedication, but then danced around and laid flat on the stage during the prayer! Oh well.

Afterwards, we took Will to his favorite park - Penny Park! He had a great time playing with daddy while I strolled Liza around.

Sunday afternoon I took a few pictures of Liza...

And then we finished up the day with Mexican food and margaritas - my favorite! It was a great Mother's Day, and I am so thankful for my two precious kiddos who made me a mom. I am also thankful for such a great mom and mother-in-law, who love and support me so much in so many ways, and who are wonderful grandmothers to my kids! Happy Mother's Day!!

And here is a video of Liza's dedication:


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

Yay! Such great news about your healing :-) We'll continue to pray for that and for all of you as you adjust to being a family of 4. You look great!

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