Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Jackets

This weekend was busy with Will's school fall festival, cooking Matt's chili and Pioneer Woman's sherried tomato soup, and football! Yesterday also marked one year since we lost Matt's dad. Mr. Dart was the biggest Georgia Tech football fan that I've ever met, and yesterday was also Georgia Tech's homecoming. Matt's siblings spent the day remembering him by doing exactly what he would have done - going to the Georgia Tech parade early in the morning, and eating breakfast at the Silver Skillet before the game. We did our best to support the Jackets from Chicago and watched the game on our computer (it's not shown on tv in our part of the country). It was a great game, and we beat #5 undefeated Clemson! A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Here is Matt indoctrinating our son at the ripe old age of 2 ("like his daddy used to do!")...


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

So cute! As always, we are excited whenever anyone beats Clemson, so we were rooting for the Jackets here in NZ :-) Chris has already had Joe watch part of a South Carolina football game - the only TV that we've let Joe watch!

Candice said...[Reply to comment]

Hilarious!! Will is so adorable.
Happy Halloween!
Love to ya'll,
Candice :)

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Bill Dart would be so proud!
Debbie Gilbert

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