Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back in Chicago

As of last night, we are back in Evanston. It has been a crazy few days. Yesterday Mr. Dart continued to improve. He is definitely still very sick and very much in need of our prayers, but yesterday his life didn't seem to be in immediate danger, as it had been the day before. Matt was using his vacation days to be there, and he only has a couple of days left. If we continued to stay there this week, we wouldn't be able to come home for the holidays, and if Mr. Dart continues to get well, he would really want Matt to be there for the holidays. It was a really tough decision to leave and come back to Chicago, not knowing what the days ahead hold for Mr. Dart. But, we can't predict the future. We believe that God is in control and we trust Him.

The scene from only 48 hours earlier played itself out again yesterday afternoon. We made the decision to leave at 3pm, bought tickets back for last night, packed in 45 minutes, and raced back to Jacksonville to catch our flight. We are HIGHLY impressed with Southwest, by the way. We had a very good experience with them, and Will slept for about an hour on the flight, which we were VERY grateful for!

We are also extremely grateful for our friends Courtney and Dave. When our world turned upside down - so did theirs. They dropped everything to take us to the airport, take care of our dogs (in their home!), and pick us back up from the airport late last night. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends.

We got to see Will's cousin Otto yesterday morning for a bit. Otto was looking pretty spiffy in his skeleton outfit =)


jessica said...[Reply to comment]

The pictures of will and otto lived up to matt's hype! they are adorable! I hope you know you and Matt have our full support and agreement in your decision and i am believing that dad is going to recover, too!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Love these cousin pictures--so cute! So glad we have you as the family photographer. xox casey

mecallpearson said...[Reply to comment]

Glad to hear the update on Mr Dart! I know that was a hard decision to make. We will keep praying for his recovery. And the squished faces of Will and Otto are adorable =)

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